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    Cardamome Verte - Colombie - Vanissa
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    Green Cardamom - Guatemala

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    Very popular in Oriental cuisine, cardamom is a treasure of flavors. Its aroma is minty, lemony, with a hint of camphor, a zest of eucalyptus and a touch of bergamot... an intense freshness!

     In what dish should you use cardamom?
    In rice, of course, as the Indians do in their delicious Basmati. But not only! Cardamom is very versatile. Its flavors complement those of strong meats, purées and velvets, and of course all your oriental preparations. Finally, a few grains can sublimate a fruity dessert, a home-made gingerbread, or one of a delicious Scandinavian cake.

    How to use cardamom ?
    Cardamom is a pod, just like vanilla! Its envelope, called the capsule, contains small grains. They are the ones responsible for its aroma!

    To use it, two options: you can extract the seeds and use them on their own, or use the whole capsule. In the first case, you just have to crush or split the pod, and pull out the precious seeds. If you want to use the whole pod, remember to crush it anyway so that the seeds can release their aromas in your preparation.

    And then?
    As with vanilla, in order to extract the full flavors of cardamom, we recommend to heat it in a fatty substance, such as oil or butter, before incorporating it into your preparation. If you have used the whole capsule, remember to remove it at the end of cooking.
    Be gentle, our green cardamom is powerful, use it with caution.

    Did you know?
    Cardamom, in addition to being a delicacy, is a real concentrate of benefits for your body. The virtues that are attributed to it are numerous: it facilitates digestion, is a source of minerals, vitamins, and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Our cardamom comes in a 50 / 100 g jar, or in a 250 g refill bag. Keep it in a dry and cool place, away from light. Cardamom does not expire, but we recommend using it within 24 months to keep all the intensity of its flavors.

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    josé debril

    je ne connaissais pas se produit , maintenant on adore son goût légèrement acidulé j'en recommanderai

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