Vanissa's 4 Commitments

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    Vanissa's 4 Commitments


    Vanilla is a voyage. A journey around the world, with a multiplicity of fragrances, flavours and stories. Each producer has his "artist's touch", his own techniques for fertilizing orchids, steaming, curing the pods...

    These are all aromatic profiles that will add a bit of magic to your preparations. Sometimes sweet, suave, fruity, sometimes cocoa, spicy, woody, the vanilla pods reveal new worlds to us with each bite.

    Vanilla is also a journey through time. The vanilla of Madagascar in particular is the vanilla of the ice cream truck, the vanilla of grandmother's perfume, the vanilla of the cakes slowly baking in the oven...

    If writing about vanilla almost turns into poetry, it's that our experience over the years has shown us that it's an out-of-the-ordinary product, indescribable without a touch of lyricism.

    So yes, we dare to say it: "Vanissa is an exceptional vanilla, a enchanting perfume, a divine taste.


    In Madagascar, agriculture employs 80% of the population. Beyond a profession, it is a way of life, which is perpetuated from generation to generation. Vanilla is the country's noblest product and represents 5 to 10% of its GDP.

    But beyond being a major vector of the country's economic development, vanilla is Madagascar's greatest pride. It is through vanilla that the country shines throughout the world, makes us travel, dream, escape.

    Vanissa's team is fully aware and grateful for the richness that is offered to us.

    Our economic and commercial practices are particularly respectful of the values of equity and fairness that resonate with our values. In full compliance with the guidelines established by the Malagasy government, we ensure that the overwhelming majority of the value created remains in the country of origin and that farmers are fairly rewarded for their art.

    When you buy Vanissa's vanilla pods, you help at least 3 people :
    • A farmer (and his whole family). Thanks to the popularity of vanilla in recent years, many farmers are finally coming out of poverty. In Madagascar, permanent homes are finally being built, as opposed to the usual wooden and straw huts. Slowly but surely, producers are acquiring their own plots of land and are finally escaping from poverty. The producers are very careful, meticulous, attentive and in love with their profession.
    • An exporter. It can be a small Malagasy entrepreneur or a Franco-Malagasy medium company. Our job is to ensure that our specifications regarding the vanilla quality are strictly respected when we are not on site.
    • Our family business, whose income is modest but whose passion is inexhaustible. Our mission? To enable the world to (re)discover the rich, complex, authentic taste of a vanilla


    The prosperity of the people is a priority, but must not be at the expense of the natural environment. Cultivated for more than a century in Madagascar, vanilla is an integral part of the local landscape. With the gradual increase in annual vanilla production, the country must remain vigilant with regard to the agricultural practices used.

    We have roamed a lot to find a product that would fit all of these criteria

    Our vanilla is 100% natural, grown in pure respect of the local fauna and flora. Produced in limited quantities, it conforms to strict standards of planting (in undergrowth or shadehouses), delicate cuttings and manual fertilization.



    We believe that the contribution of each and every one of you is the key to our sustainability. Therefore, we are constantly evolving and improving based on your constructive feedback.

    You asked for secured, tracked international shipping, at a very affordable price ? We implemented it (only €2.99 for any country and no minimum purchase value!)

    You asked for vacuum-sealed vanilla, which is perfect for preserving its property during many months? We implemented that as well!

    You loved our 2018/2019 vanilla quality? We secured our sourcing partnerships to offer you the same aromatic profile year after year.

    Finally, we kept our prices affordable , in spite of the recent increase of vanilla on the global market.

    You have a question, a suggestion, an offer?

    Please feel free to get in touch with us. We love feedbacks!

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